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Why People Love Zombies

With their shuffling gait and their grotesquely deformed features, zombies are a classic part of the horror genre. However, recent years have seen the emergence of a zombie craze that is steadily increasing in momentum, with new movies and video games constantly being released. In a twist on this theme, developed unique experience days that capture the essence of zombie mythology, cleverly bringing to life all of the key factors that people find so gripping. These zombie experience days have played a major role in the success of, but what is it about the idea of zombies that generates so much excitement? In order to understand the reason why zombies have newly earned such a high degree of popularity and become so marketable, it is worth considering the leading psychological explanations for this worldwide obsession.

Economic factors

One interesting perspective on the reasons behind the public’s love of zombies focuses on the idea that a poor economy is linked to the surge in the popularity of the zombie. More specifically, zombie tales typically involve a team of resistance fighters who triumph over adversity and rise above the destruction of their communities by successfully destroying zombies. Plausibly, some of these stories may represent the common man’s struggle to deal with the economic depression. By way of their zombie experiences, offers a chance to artificially induce the feeling of elation and the sense of hope for the future that is elicited by the successful destruction of zombies in our favourite movies and games.

Fascinating ethical questions

It is also speculated that the ever-growing love of zombies may in part stem from the way in which these imaginary creatures prompt complicated and absorbing discussions centred on ethics. More specifically, when a person is transformed into a zombie, the resulting lack of control and arguable loss of identity invites us to speculate on whether these changes provide sufficient justification for slaughter. On the one hand there is the fact that the zombie has no discernible higher level mental function, and on the other hand there is the niggling doubt that there might still be a sliver of humanity deep in the recesses of the zombie’s brain. In addition, we might wonder whether it is more acceptable to kill a zombie than it is to kill any animal whose prey drive prompts a tireless fight for food. Zombie lovers can spend hours debating whether they would personally want to survive in a world in which they were turned to zombies, raising questions about the very nature of humanity and personal identity. This could partly explain the lure of experiences, which offer participants the chance to role play as zombies or as zombie slayers, clarifying their thoughts about these ethical questions as they lose themselves in imagining what it would be like to be in such terrifying and bizarre circumstances.

Morally acceptable violence

In addition, for those who consider the above moral questions and conclude that zombies are sufficiently far from being human, part of the obsession may focus on the cathartic element of destroying that which is both evil and inhuman. As it says on the page that details their experience days, ‘guilt-free slaughter has never felt so good.’

Widespread fear of disaster

Finally, consider that people are often transfixed by things that they find acutely frightening. Movies, games and experiences that feature zombies offer us a safe way to explore our natural fear of a worldwide epidemic or disaster. Similarly, experiences effectively capitalise on this mix of intense curiosity and terror, creating an atmosphere of palpable tension that leads to thrilling bursts of adrenaline as the zombies unexpectedly emerge.

Jack Harding is a high school sociology teacher and family guy. He enjoys researching and writing about the effects of pop culture on society on various blogs. To witness zombies in action, see

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