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Big Man at the Poker Tables

I was checking out the funny posts on this poker joker section earlier today and it reminded me of a great story told to me by a buddy of mine. Poker blogger and freelance writer James Guill shared with me the first time he sat down to play live poker a few years ago. Anyone that knows James knows that he hasn't shied away from the table too many times in his life.

Much like many first time live poker player, James was taking in the scenery and checking out the action and several times he had to post his big blind. For those of you new to poker, the two players to the left of the dealer must post a forced bet before getting cards and these are called blinds. There is a small blind and a big blind. The first time he didn't post, the dealer would comment "excuse me sir, you're big."

The next time it was his turn to post the big blind, the deal again reminded him "Sir, you're big." Yet another round of hands passed and it was James' turn to post and he wasn't paying attention and the dealer for the third time said, "Sir, you're big."

This time however a elderly lady sitting across from the dealer, clearly pissed off at the dealer said, "Excuse me young lady! It is highly rude of you to be commenting on that nice young man's size like that."

The dealer was clearly stunned, not knowing what she had done to upset the lady. Another player sitting to the left of the elderly lady explained, "She wasn't commenting on his size. She was telling him that he was the big blind."

According to James, that is one of the few nice old people that he has ever met at the poker tables. He was only half joking.

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