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Japanese Cuddle Cafes

Years ago, sad lonely men had to turn to dolls to cuddle up with at night. Now, thanks to the ingenuity of Japan, you can cuddle up with a real girl, for a price of course.

The days of dry humping a blow up doll are over. Now you can actually swap skin cells! At the Soine-ya cafe you can sleep with a real-life lady! And when I say "sleep", I literally mean "sleep". You just go lie down with a girl and nap.

The base price for sleeping with a real life girl is roughly $38.00 USD. There are add-ons you can pay for as well, in case you want your sleeping girl to do specific things while sleeping. AND NO IT'S STILL NOT SEXUAL. For a price, you can get your purchased sleep-lady to lie on your arm or rest your head in her lap. Heck, for an extra 1,000 yen you can even look her in the eye.

Wow, I think I need to plan a trip to Japan so I can take some great fulfilling naps, filled with eye contact and resting on a girls thighs.

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