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BREAKING NEWS: Bikini's Were Banned In Thailand

A ban on bikinis would be expected in Afghanistan. Or Iran. But in Thailand? Haven’t you guys seen Hangover 2? Apparently not, because the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Conservation has told visitors to Erawan National Park not to strip down to their bathing suits.

Well lets just resurrect Hitler from the grave if we are going to start conducting business such as this. Next thing I know, I won't be able to put security cameras in women's bathrooms and attend a church of my own choice.

I say lets cut this drastic policy apart before it gets legs. The The Department of National Parks and Bullshit said:
The office director of the national parks department, Wittaya Hongwiaengjan, said, “Walking around the park in beach wear is a failure to recognise cultural aspects as well as being a health risk. The risks are from nature as there are plenty of crawling and flying insects that will bite exposed parts of the body, particularly the regions used for sitting. There are also other dangers such as sunburn or even sun stroke and during the rainy seasons there is an abundance of leeches.”

There are alligators in Florida, so lets make sure we don't let scantly clad women walk around... oh and the sharks! Lets just make sure women aren't allowed in the water because it's a huge liability. Me, personally, will be wearing floaties and a helmet next time I hop in a pool. I'll also pour three gallons of bleach in to kill any germs and avoid peeing the pool when I get too lazy to get out.

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