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The Best Reporter Ever

I think every city needs a reporter like this. Can we clone him and just put him all around the country?

Charlie LeDuff is quite talented and has a unique brand of journalism. His peers and colleagues can see this and he quickly rises to the peak of his field. The upper echelons, however, are quite constrictive and very streamlined, staying true to the type of journalism that has made them successful. Unfortunately as cultures evolve, successful corporations are often reluctant to change from their ways from which they grew for fear of losing their power in the industry. This cookie-cutter, repeated, and dry style of journalism is out of LeDuff's element. In his modern, avant-garde styling he finds the reporting bland and ineffective and his efforts begin to slip. Having reached the peak of his industry and remaining unfulfilled he begins occupying his time with new and more satisfying aspects of his life.

He devotes less and less time to his work.

With his new pursuits and and the realization of a complete lack of satisfaction in his job he begins a complete "Office Space" like deconstruction of his career. His job at the Times becomes simply a source of income and days are breezed through with as little effort and stress as possible, cutting and pasting here and there until his deadlines are all met. Eventually his work catches up with him and he is fired and sued.

In time the legalities are settled and he takes a job with the local news station. He is clearly overqualified for the position, although he takes comfort in the freedom to report the news as he sees fit. With little stress from his new position and happy he's making a difference in his community his life finally begins to settle.

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