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3 Ridiculous Things We Believe About People Who Diagree With Us

Greetings, readers. As we have previously pointed out, it's election season, which means that approximately all of the people on your Facebook news feed are participating in the national shitstorm that is "Expressing Your Opinion Like a Douchebag." Now, don't get me wrong; anyone who knows me knows that I tend to find the douchebaggiest ways possible to express my opinion. It's my way of being confrontational without resorting to actual confrontation, which is scary and makes me weep.

But that doesn't make it right. And one thing I've noticed about people who express their opinions passionately (which, once again, is just about every person, ever, during election time), is that along with treasuring their own viewpoint, they tend to think some pretty negative things about those who disagree with them. Negative, ridiculous things, which make absolutely no sense when you think about them for more than five seconds.

Such as. . .

3. The Person Who Disagrees With Me Has the Wrong Values

During an election season, ask a hardcore conservative what he or she thinks about liberals, and you'll likely hear that liberals have no consciences and are ruining America. You'll probably get a similar response if you ask a hardcore liberal what he or she thinks of conservatives. It's as if we've convinced ourselves that not only is the other team evil, but the people there know they are evil and actively want America to fail.

Personally, I know many conservatives, many liberals, and about zero people who want this country to fail. We all want America to prosper, we just believe that the methods we must use to achieve success are different. Neither side is evil. Both sides aim for the same general goal. We just disagree on how to get there.

2. The Person Who Disagrees With Me Is Ill-informed

Yes, there are people in this world who get their news from the wrong places. There are also people who believe that they can be right about all political issues, ever, without actually doing any research. They feel it in their gut, and their gut is rarely wrong. When their gut tells them they need to take a shit, they end up taking a shit just about ALL THE TIME. Can't argue with that kind of track record.

But some people latch onto their opinions so strongly that they are convinced that anyone who disagrees with them has to be ill-informed. There is no other excuse. This is what I like to refer to as the Being a Close-minded Idiot Bias. You think that anyone getting their news from valuable sources must arrive at the same conclusions that you do. You've apparently never heard of people having different opinions. You're also a jerkface. Which brings me to my next point (being that I should not call you a jerkface). . .

1. Belittling the Person Who Disagrees With Me is an Effective Method of Changing Minds

People will disagree with you in life. That's part of this whole thing called Being a Human. That's not to say that you shouldn't try to win people over to your side. An abolitionist trying to convince someone that slavery is wrong would be completely right to do so. But when you're trying to convince someone to vote for Mitt Romney instead of Obama, it won't do any good to call that person names and imply that his or her mother possesses sub-average mental faculties. It might make you feel a little better to blow off some steam, but in the long run, that's all you've done.

Well, that, and you've also alienated another human being, and if you really believe in creating positive change in the world, there's no point in that. Unless you think a world where genocide was ok is the world you want to live in, you can't just get rid of anyone with a different opinion. How is antagonizing that person at all productive? Better to do everything you possibly can to see things from his or her perspective, and try to work from there. You might not be able to change a person's mind that way, but you have a far greater chance of doing so if you are going to be diplomatic than you would if you are going to employ the "call them a Dumb, Stupid, Ugly Stupidhead" tactic.

BONUS POINT: I am Always Right, so Anyone WHo Disagrees With Me is Always Wrong

We all think we're right, and since we don't all agree, we can't all be right one hundred percent of the time. If you think you are, I can promise you something: you are wrong, you Dumb, Stupid, Ugly Stupidhead.

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