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Farmers Insurance Remix Jingle

Hip-hop is a sample-based culture. A hook from a 1980s Chaka Khan song might serve as the basis for an early 2000s-era Kanye West song, for instance. It’s not only older songs, though, anything can be turned into a beat; even dialogue and background music from Scooby Doo, or in the case of today’s specimen, a commercial jingle.

Farmers Insurance ads always end with the same bit of sonic branding, which you’re probably familiar with, whether you realize it or not: "We are Farmers: bum bu-bum bum-bum bum-bum." Three people who are keenly familiar with the jingle, however, are the members of Three Loco, a mostly-joking rap group, consisting of Dirt Nasty (a/k/a Simon Rex), up-and-comer Riff Raff (formerly of MTV’s reality show From Gs to Gents), and sometime TV personality Andy Milonakis.

The trio’s song, "We Are Farmers" repeats the titular phrase and its accompanying bum-bums endlessly, warping it into a crisp beat that actually is kind of catchy, if you can stomach rapping about ecstasy-fueled adultery and the like. (Farmers Insurance didn’t respond to our request for comment, but it’s a safe bet that they’re among those who don’t approve of that sort of thing, at least when it’s associated with their brand.)

Also along for the ride is superstar producer Diplo, oddly making what might be his rapping debut. Perhaps he thought Farmers Insurance would cease-and-desist the video so quickly that nobody would ever hear it. As of late Friday afternoon, though, the video has been taken down from Youtube, but is still available elsewhere on the web.

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