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Car Slide Fail

Car slides are one of the coolest actions that a person can take that involves a motor vehicle. People do them to get away from somebody chasing them, or to make for an awesome stunt in a movie, or in this case, to kick off an epic slip and slide. Although for this drunken guy, it was not really the start for anything other than a huge dent in the side of a car and a hilarious video. It looks like this group of friends is having a wonderful time getting drunk up at a cabin somewhere and they’ve got a mile long tarp set up for an amazing slip and slide but the only problem is the car parked at the start of it.

The technique this guy used to begin his car slide fail was not the best, as he does not even get his lead foot off of the ground. The funny thing is that nobody offers to help the guy up; they just stand there and laugh while they film the crater of a dent that he just laid in to the car. There are a lot of people chilling at this cabin so it looks like maybe the guy or girl that owns this car may not know yet because odds are; they are going pretty pissed at this drunken slip and slider.

The video is awesome and although it would have been awesome to see this guy topple down the slippery tarp, it’s almost better that he hit a Cadillac brick wall in a failure to launch. This guy definitely did not do the car slide move justice and maybe that’s why his friends should have just kept laughing at the fact that he busted his hip but drunk or not, this guy will make sure to do it right next time. Hope he saved 15% by switching to Geico.

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