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Fads That Have Faded

Upside Down Visors

Nothing says, "I violate my parents curfew" like an upside down visor. I tend to tote one to all the middle school parties that I find out about on Facebook. Next time you want to go out on the town, grab that visor and flow it upside down!

Hot Clips

Why buy a full CD with full songs for $12.99 when you can buy 15-30 seconds of one track for $10.00? Hot diddly-damn, that is a steal.

The Pepsi Wave Viral Attempt

Pepsi wanted people to make a hand gesture when asking for a Pepsi, rather than just saying, "Can I have a Pepsi?". I don't think it ever took off, kind of my first dates in the same era.

Frosted Tips

Oh sweet mother of God. I actually remember bringing in a picture and requesting they do this, then I found out it cost extra so I opted for using Sun-In, which basically just turns your hair an odd shade of orange and makes you look even more stupid.

Popping Your Collar

What is scary is that I still see this around, every now and then. It sort of works out like survival of the fittest though, because when girls see a guy who does this, they know not to procreate with him.

Slap On Bracelets

Apparently these were banned after they started falling apart and slicing kids wrists with the little pieces of metal inside them. I'd say that's a reason to put them back the market.

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