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Trust Fall Attack

You just can’t trust people anymore. A trust fall is one of the most sacred ways of being able to tell whether or not you are able to trust someone that you do not know. Now, many people have taken the idea of trust falls and have turned it into a joke, but rest assured, trust fall tests are a very serious matter. What happens when you try to trust fall in to the arms of a complete stranger and they let you fall flat on your face? Well one thing is for sure, if you can’t trust them with a trust fall, odds are you can’t trust them with anything.

In this video a hilarious young man randomly assaults what looks to be like campers at a camp with countless trust falls and it seems that more of them are letting him down rather than helping him and catching him mid fall. Some of the campers come through for this guy and one of them even assures him verbally that he’s “got him”, must have felt securing. The trust falls seem harmless right up until the guy starts sprinting at campers screaming “TRUST FALL!” at the top of his lungs. That’s no way to get someone to catch you in a trust fall, if anything that’s going to make them run away from you.

This guy definitely has some practicing to do, but the video itself is hilarious and it does prove just how little people you can trust nowadays. Whatever the reason for these kids not wanting to catch this amazing stunt man, it’s not okay to just let the guy fall down on screaming a phrase with the word trust in it; that just does not work.

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