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Guy Gets Owned By A Horsekick

Horses are beautiful, majestic creatures that roam both farms as miraculous tamed animals and they also graze the hills as beautiful wild horses at the same time. Horses are huge animals that seem to be made of all muscle and they are able to do things people and other animals are just not capable of doing. One thing that you can ask about these creatures is, why would anyone want to mess with one of these animals?

In this video, we see a couple of dumb kids in high school that seem to really get their kicks off of watching their friends “run up and touch a horse”. You can almost hear his friends giggling at the fact that this guy is slowly walking up to a gorgeous wild horse to slap it on the ass and things seem to turn very bad, very fast.

When the horse finally realizes that this kid is getting just a little bit too close for comfort, he starts to run and the dare devil’s natural response, of course, is to start running after the horse with his hand raised. Well this obviously scared the crap out of the horse and we all know what to expect when a horse gets scared, and that’s that a kick is on its way to someone’s face. The scream that this kid lets out is priceless and he gets taken off of his feet faster than if a linebacker had just run up and laid the biggest tackle in history.

One thing that anybody can take away from this epic fail video is that horses are probably the one animal that you do not want to sneak up on and then begin to chase in an attempt to get a little slap on the ass. In the end, is it really that cool if you walk up to a horse, poke it in its rear and walk away with nothing happening? This kid got exactly what was coming to him and he will think twice before he decides to get his kicks from a wild horse.

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