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Cat Falls Through The Ceiling

This is what happens when you fall asleep in class. Keeping students awake during class is one of the most difficult tasks that teachers face today. A lecture leads to a flashback, which may lead to some ridiculous story which will lead to senseless chit chat which makes kids fall asleep or slack off otherwise. In this video, we see an event occur that should be adopted by teachers everywhere and that is the method of hiding a cat somewhere in the classroom and just let it do its thing. Although the one detail the teachers need to remember is that the cat needs to be a ninja cat that can drop down from the ceiling (taking half of it with it) and "waking up" the entire classroom.

The school is the University of Peace in Costa Rica and no matter what the excuse is, there is no way the health department is going to just let your building start dropping cats on people, no matter how bored in class they seem to be. The class was really surprised by the fact that an entire section of the ceiling fell down, I mean who else is that scared of a cute little cat? I've seen people react the way this classroom does as if a snake had fallen down from the ceiling and started biting people. As the cat runs frantically across the room, the students continue to scream and freak out, even though the cat wasn't bothering anyone, it was just trying to find a way out of the hectic room.

We can hear one guy scream "OPEN THE DOOR! OPEN THE DOOR!" and I bet when he sees this video in a short amount of time (as it's sure to go viral), he's going to feel like the coward he is. No matter what happens in a classroom, you should always be prepared for a ninja cat to attack you and raise hell just by being in a room that it's not supposed to be in. It just goes to show you, teachers are really going out of their way and above and beyond to keep their students from slacking off and make sure they pay attention, or the ceilings in Costa Rica are filled with cat nip and that must just be the way they do things over there.

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