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Best Bowling Spare Ever

Who says a gutter ball is bad? Bowling is a sport considered to be relatively ambiguous, non-athletic, and not very popular at all. Some people think that the game is boring and that nobody really wants to play it unless they are with old people or long distance family members. This video is able to prove all of these things wrong, when one friend decides to dive under his other friend's legs for an attempt at a spare. For those that don't know, a spare is when you take your turn and you miss some of the pins on your first throw, then attempt to knock the rest of them down with a second throw. So without any form of trick shot, one can probably guess that this is relatively hard to do in the first place, but this guy dives on the ground some how still being able to throw the ball and goes through a pair of legs too.

The shot does not look good off of the start as the ball bounces down the left side of the lane just after it's thrown and then eventually the ball lands in to the gutter and all looks lost for this best spare ever. When it all looks over and all of the spectators of this awesome shot moan and groan because it actually looks like an epic fail from the start. As the ball bounces around in the gutter, it looks as though all is lost until the ball bounces out for whatever reason and works its way back towards the middle of the lane to knock down the rest of the pins that were left standing from the first throw. You can tell by the reactions of the rest of the people there that nobody expected him to make this shot and it was pure luck that even came close to being called a shot in the first place.

Whether some people think bowling is a blast or some think that bowling is a boring game that deserves no attention at all, this kid just made a shot to remember. It just goes to show you that no matter how "boring" or exciting a sport is, there is almost always something that can be done to make it a little bit more interesting. Whether it's a trick shot through your friend's legs or making a ball bounce out from the bottom of the gutter, or maybe even both, there is nothing that can't be done in sports. From football to golf, to bowling, athletes everywhere really do need to cut back and have a good time with trick shots like this.

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