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The Good Ol’ Broken Chair Prank

A roommate is somebody that you should be able to trust with so many aspects of your life considering the fact that you have to share the most important place in your life with them. There are plenty of situations that happen every day that roommates cannot be trusted, even with something as simple as your furniture. In this video, it seems that the roommate went out of his way to break apart this chair and glue it back together just so his roommate would sit in it and fall flat on his ass. The question "which one of these roommates is the bigger clown?" will be asked a ton throughout this video.

This Guido’s feet hit this desk so hard that from the vibrations alone, the keyboard comes sliding out on its own. In my opinion this guy kind of deserves what happened to him since it took him so long to get ready for being home, even while the clip is being fast-forwarded. Honestly, one has to really ask the question, is this a guy or a chick with a shaved head spending all of his time in the bathroom. If I was a douche bag that had a front door leading straight in to my bedroom, I would almost want my roommate to pull a broken chair prank on me once a week. The weirdest thing about this entire video is the fact that he holds his head like he didn't just slam his feet hard enough to break both of them simultaneously.

No matter what would have happened to this guy at the start of this video, it's certain that we're all glad he got hurt in some way. Whether it's a bruise on the ass or eight broken toes, this guy will be making sure to check his chair from now on before he sits down after doing his hair at the end of the day for ten minutes. The roommate that played this prank made sure that the chair was not going to fall down before his stupid roommate flew back into it and for that he deserves a medal of some kind. Hopefully there are more roommates out there "taking care" of their fellow friends like this.

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