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Lady Faceplants During Olympic Torch Ceremony

The Olympics happens to be one of the most memorable moments for the world to enjoy. The ceremonies make the event that much better and one of the most traditional of these ceremonies would have to be the carrying of the torch. To signal that the games are going to begin, a designated torch carrier gets the honor of running the "torch of the games" to the fire pit. It's one of the biggest honors that an athlete can receive, aside from the gold medal of course, and in this video, none of the attention seems to be on the torch carrier whatsoever. Watching this clip, one would not guess that anything is going to go wrong as a parade runs down the streets following the torch carrier and all of a sudden a woman on the side of the street falls flat on her face.

This woman had to have known that this moment is setting a stage for all of the world to see and she can't even watch out for a curb on the ground right in front of her. A lot of people probably feel bad for the lady, but if you're going to be jogging next to the person carrying the torch, you should naturally be watching your footing. The moment is probably very exciting and a huge adrenaline rush so the thought can't come to mind, but all she can probably think now is "why did I have to trip at that exact moment?"

The best part of this is that the woman doesn't seem to be in any hurry of trying to get up or make it look like it was just a stumble. Her feet just sort of kick out from underneath her and flop around the road that the parade is running on. One thing is for sure and that's that this woman is the farthest thing from being one of the athletic competitors in the Olympic games. Maybe it was just a little bit too much enthusiasm? Her clumsiness says it all and if there is anything people can learn from this video, it's that you need to choose your moments wisely because you never know when you could make a fool of yourself in front of the entire world.

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