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Street Performer Pranks Girl

Street performers have to be one of the most underrated, and at the same time talented group of people out there today. They have more talent than some of the people putting on shows in Vegas or some of these people on the latest television shows. People view them as just beggars for money or people that are refusing to "get with society" and "just get a real job". Some of the things that these street performers do are way more legit than most of the actions that we doe in our every day lives. In this video we see an amazing street performer act like a statue and as this woman walks up to him, clearly thinking he's a statue.

At this point, the man screams what sounds like "can I help you?!" and the girl almost spills all of her beer and starts shaking as she runs away. The guys holding the camera must have known that this guy was going to scare the crap out of their friend because there is no reason that you would just record your friend walking up to a statue. It's hilarious how the girl pulls out her cell phone and is either checking some imaginary missed calls or texts that she has already read to hide her embarrassment. It did not work that well, as everyone can tell when she walks past the camera and her face is cherry red.

The pose that this street performer held that entire time is pretty amazing considering the fact that he is on his heels and his holding a leash straight out in front of him. But again, people will not appreciate the fact that this guy plays a flawless prank on this girl and it's not inappropriate or rude or anything, it's perfect. It's almost upsetting that she did not have enough of a mind to tip the talented performer or that there wasn't too many people around to see this awesome event and tip him for it. I know that if I saw this take place, this guy would be getting a twenty from me, minimum. Keep up the good work street performers; surely recognition is coming your way soon!

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