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Hilarious Camp Counselor Faceplants

Camp counselors are assigned to different camps everywhere to keep the campers in line and make sure that they are having fun during camp. Sometimes they can be a little bit "out there" and sometimes they can give campers memories for quite some time. Camp counselors have their own way of expressing themselves and making sure campers can approach them because they are outgoing and like to have a good time. This particular group of camp counselors may be a little too comfortable with their job and just a bit too comfy with themselves in general.

As short as this video is, the first few seconds makes it look as though this video is going to be something that you do not want to watch. With camp counselors running and skipping strangely out of the cabin, viewers probably raised an eyebrow or two at this group of people. All of a sudden, without warning, one of the counselors decides it would be a good idea to half jump over the wooden railing and he just eats it hard. It almost seems mean to say, but most can probably agree that this guy got what was coming to him if he's like the rest of the clowns doing a weird jig right in front of him.

Whether the kids at this camp were freaked out by these freaky counselors or not, at least justice was served with a beautiful face plant to one of them. The fall doesn't really like it's that hard in normal speed, but when the fall is slowed down, it almost looks as though his face is made of rubber as it bounces off the ground. I'm not sure about the rest of the viewers watching this video but I for one did not feel one ounce of guild for laughing hysterically at this guy.

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