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The Internet Sends Pitbull To Alaska

In case you have been living under a rock, Pitbull & Walmart teamed up to send Pitbull to do a concert at a Walmart, depending on which location gets the most votes. Since it is the internet and there are things like Reddit, 4Chan, and 9Gag (I can't believe I just included 9gag in that list), it of course got trolled, mostly by Reddit. Now, Pitbull has to do a concert in Kodiak, Alaska.

Personally, I think he trolled the rest of the internet right back by taking it so gracefully. I mean, Alaska is a pretty neat place. They have bears, fishing, bears, and I heard that sometimes it never gets dark there, which would really make it hard for me to decipher when I need to leave the bar (when the sun rises).

Anyway, I personally E-High-Five Pitbull for taking it like a man and carrying out with his promise. The entire staff at Walmart will probably do a golf clap for this bald guy they've never heard of.

Pitbull goes on to invite everyone who voted for him to go there to attend. Looks like Reddit better reserve a cruise liner and set sail, because they don't want to miss this!

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