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Seth MacFarlane Hits Home Run With “Ted”

“Ted”, a comedy about a grown man with a teddy bear for a best friend, has to be one of the funniest comedies released in quite some time. Seth MacFarlane took on the tough job of creating this film and passed with flying colors. One can only wonder, how the hell can a movie be about a talking teddy bear? “Ted” is sure to be one of the biggest hits in the box office of the year 2012.

From hookers taking a shit on an apartment floor, to watching a teddy bear nail a chick on a sack of potatoes, the film covers such a wide range of comedy you just don't see these days. MacFarlane made sure that those with a voice on that comedy series we all love, Family Guy, had a role whether it be big or small in the movie. The movie not only had audiences bent over laughing but also had a plot that leaves the viewer wanting more. Some fight scenes in the movie were classic Seth MacFarlane, with over exaggerated punches and stuff being thrown across the room. It's also worth mentioning that Seth not only created this movie, but actually plays the voice of Ted, which is where fans of “Family Guy” can see the character Peter Griffin in that hilarious little bear.

For those wondering if it's worth it, Ted is one of the best movies I've seen all year and can't wait until I get the opportunity to see it again. The only thing that could have been done a little differently is making sure Mark Wahlberg had his Boston accent down before letting him on camera. His acting was great as always, but every time the guy opened his mouth in this movie, I kept wondering where his helmet was. Great job with the movie Seth and we all hope more will come of this hilarious masterpiece.

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