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Fun Things to Say on a Roller Coaster

Anyone who has ever been on a roller coaster is familiar with those first few seconds, when the ride lurches its way up the incline before depositing its screaming passengers down towards the bottom. While most of us spend this time in relative silence, anticipating the excitement that awaits, we think there are better things you could do during this time. Like freak your fellow passengers out. Here's some things you might consider saying to make what is usually the most boring part of the ride feel a little more fun.

"What was that sound? Did you hear that?"

"Did you hear about that kid who died on this thing?"

"Man, I should not have eaten that chili for lunch."

"You'll love this ride, it's a classic. It was built in like, the 1930s or something."

"So I heard that the company who makes these safety harnesses just lost a lawsuit. Yeah, a major one."

"Why oh why am I doing this? I don't want to die! I don't want to die!!"

"I went to school with the guy operating the ride. Yeah man, total stoner."

"You know some dude's head got torn off on this ride when it went into that tunnel part? Yeah, but he was really tall, like 5'10" or something."

"I'm not saying I'm a socialist, I'm just saying that more government regulation isn't always a bad things. Take amusement parks. You'd be shocked, the kind of things they get away with because of the lack of regulation."

"You know that camera that takes your picture when you're going down the first big hill? Yeah, it totally falls onto the track from time to time."

"Fun fact: the guy who designed this ride is in prison now."

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