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Bob Burnquist Takes Nasty Fall in Practice

7/3/2012 - By: Liz

The X Games have been around for over fifteen years, providing extreme entertainment for those who choose to watch. Multiple sporting events are held in these Olympic-like competitions for those athletes that specialize in a certain field. From motocross to BMX, fans watch as these dare devils launch themselves into the air doing some sort of "McFlip" to score enough points for a shiny necklace.

Skateboarding, being one of the main events and focus of the X Games has always seemed to draw the biggest crowd. Flips and tricks from today's young athletes stun the crowd every round and as one can imagine, these tricks take practice. On June 27, 2012 professional skateboarder Bob Burnquist was having a practice session on the "Skate Big Air" ramp when his board decided to do it's own thing. Burnquist, flying through the air, must have decided the best technique to avoid being one with the ramp impressively attempts to fly away. Failing to take flight, Bob skids along the fifty-foot half pipe holding his ass screaming bloody murder, which ends in him crawling on all fours praying his bottom half is still attached.

Being famous for skateboarding in the early 90's was a pretty big accomplishment for anyone in that time. However, there are those that can't seem to understand when to hang up the trucks and accept father time into their life. The X Games of 2012 is having an event in which thirteen year old kids are able to compete and have their chance at a shot of freedom. Watching Bob Burnquist hang out with Tony Hawk back in the day, nobody ever thought they would see him go from holding on to the "glory days" to holding his ass in pain.

Fans everywhere are praying for the rear of a legendary skateboarder, and by the looks of the medical gurney there isn't much hope for this elderly skater's ass. It seems since Bob Burnquist had this nasty fall just one day before the official X Games he will not be able to compete with the next generation of skaters that fans have come to watch. The half pipe is a dangerous place, as others who are closing in on 40 can clearly tell, that should be taken seriously. Hope that ass heals up quick Bob.

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