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MTV Movie Awards Perpetuate Misconception That Twilight Saga is Worthwhile

The MTV Movie Awards aired this weekend, although you may have missed them. We understand. You probably had better things to do, like watching Mad Men or that basketball game that everybody's talking about or old episodes of Supernanny on your DVR or literally anything else that isn't the MTV Movie Awards. Normally, we might try to refrain from commenting on this particular program, since everything that can be said about it has already been said. No one past the age of seventeen, aside from the cocaine-addicted execs who put together this mess of a show, takes it seriously.

(Nor do they take the Oscars seriously, really. Somewhere between the Oscars and the MTV Movie Awards, you'll find the true cinematic tastes of the viewing public.)

So, we considered backing off and just letting this fly under our radar, like Taylor Swift songs and most current events, until we discovered that the program reached a new low this year when it gave the Movie of The Year award to Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1.

It probably doesn't shock you to learn that we're not big Twilight fans around here, mainly because this website isn't run by nearly illiterate high school girls who want to push feminism back a few centuries by insisting that the only way a woman could ever be fulfilled is if she had a volatile, occasionally violent older man in her life to make all her decisions for her. We may not have read any of the novels, and we may have only seen the first movie because we were in college and too drunk that night to argue, but we know enough about this franchise to say, without hesitation, that it is one of the worst things to happen to young adult fiction and to humankind in general in quite a long time.

We tell stories to teach ourselves lessons and to learn about our own lives, and when these stories endure, they influence the way we see the world and the values which we hold onto. Star Wars taught us to find inner courage and confront that which truly threatens us, The Godfather films warned us about our greedy and violent nature, and The Dark Knight was fucking awesome. The Twilight Saga, however, tells young women that satisfaction cannot be found by looking within. Bella Swan's moment of realization, the part of the story where she discovers what the meaning of her life is, doesn't come from any moment of inner reflection, it comes when a brooding guy with a cute haircut and immaculate features likes her. Twilight tells girls women that their great journey is to find a man, and that's a shitty thing to tell anyone.

It's no secret that MTV flaunts careless values like a guido at the strip club, but by giving this atrocious franchise even more respect, it perpetuates the false idea that we should be paying attention to it. And with Barnes and Noble dedicating an entire shelf to Teen Paranormal Fiction, it's a trend that seems be only growing in popularity. And that's a damn shame.

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