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The End of Your Days of Privacy

Posted on 6/15/2010 @ 2:20PM

I remember a time when a man could pull off to the side of the road and pick up two hookers without having to look over his shoulders for a car mounted with camera's.

Some call Google Streetview a convenience, I call it an extra reason to be even more paranoid when I go on my week long benders. How do I know there isn't a Google Maps car around the corner, waiting to zoom by and take a picture of me hitting rock bottom.

I had no idea we were living in SOVIET RUSSIA! Mine as well put the wall back up folks, because we can't even indulge in the same illegal pleasures that the forefathers of this country envisioned. When John Hancock signed The Declaration of Independence, I bet he didn't imagine some fine print at the bottom stating that he doesn't have the right to visit the local brothel, or snort coke off a switch blade with his next door neighbors over yonder.

For the rest of the pictures...

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