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Amazing Features of the New iPhone 4!

Posted On 6/8/2010 @ 11:29AM

Yesterday, Apple officially announced the new iPhone 4!

Mashable released some of the product's specs yesterday, featuring amazing changes like:

1. 24% thinner than current iPhone
2. 4 times the previous iPhone’s pixel density
3. Larger battery
4. HD video recording, and iMovie for editing video on the iPhone
5. Front- and rear-facing cameras for FaceTime, the new video chat app
6. iOS will allow for multitasking

But that's not it! Steve Jobs personally let us in on some more amazing features of the new iPhone 4!

1. Holding the handset to your ear helps cure any AIDS concentrated in your head!
2. Every hour you spend using the touchscreen interface replicates the esteem-boost of one missed physical encounter with a member of the opposite sex!
3. Streaming video of Kevin James' movies on the iPhone 4 will actually make them funny!
4. 411 directs you to Steve Jobs' home phone where he will gladly divulge fashion advice and vegetarian cooking tips! (New Balance sneakers and don't use beef!)
5. Fathers who use the iPhone 4 to contact their homosexual sons will feel 15% less shame over previous generation iPhone using fathers!
6. As inspired by Chatroulette, a special button on the back of the iPhone 4 brings you one click away from being connected with video footage of a man's penis!
7. Pictures taken from the iPhone 4 are digitally enhanced to include you motor-boating Christina Hendricks and then uploaded to a billboard in Times Square! (Great for both guys and girls!)

So get your iPhone today!!!!!

Or June 15th?? When are they released? I didn't actually read the article.

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