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Take Part in AXE Contest, Enter to Win Actual Prizes! - Text While You Walk SMS
Texts From Last Early Evening: Amish Edition - The 100 Hottest Women of Entourage
The 18 Best Intersections In The World - The 6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World
The 8 Worst Album Covers of All Time - The Best Google Street View Fails
The Best Job In The World - The Campus Socialite Looks At Hangover Joe's Hangover Recovery Shot!
The Campus Socialite's Hot Girls in Body Paint! - The Crazy Antics We Can Expect from Justin Bieber...
The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger - The Dirtiest Places To Land A Punch
The DMV Pranksters - The Fap Mapper Reveals Where You've Been Naughty
The First Year of Marriage: An Undercover Report - The Five Worst Profanities And Swears
The Formula For Writing a Work of Serious Modern Literature - The Greatest Fast Food Freakouts of All Time
The Horrible Secret About Fast Food - The Importance of the Perfect Sex Playlist
The Inner Monologue of a Fish in a Tank - The Laying down Game
The Mathematical Formulas Behind Kate Middleton's Hat Choices - The Most Depressing Places on Earth, Pt. 1
The Most Depressing Places on Earth, Pt. 2 - The People You Meet on Election Day
The Philosophies of Various Drug Users - The Real Reason Guys Watch Tennis
The Rent is 2 Damn High Shines a Light on Other Small Political Parties - The Top 10 Party Schools List
The Top 10 Reasons Why Scarlett Johansson Should Date Me - The Vampire Guide to Seduction
The Wisdom of Marky Mark - The Worst Apartment Building Neighbors
The Worst Moviegoers You Will Ever Run Into - They Need To Open A Topless Barber Shop By Me
They Said... - Things That People Think Make Them Cool (That Actually Don't)
Things to be Thankful for This Year - This Panda Can Dance Better Than You
Thoughts From My Bathtub - Three Normal Internet Situations That Would be Horribly Bizarre in Real Life
Tinchy Stryder live at The Carphone Warehouse - To The Woman Who Crapped Her Pants In My Car...
Tom Is Dead - Top 15 Funniest Tweets
Top 20 Colleges For Hot Girls - Two Hotties Play In The Snow In Bikini's
- Two Hotties Play In The Snow In Bikini's
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