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Roberto Baggio Magical Kicks

Scoring the perfect goal is not just about hitting the ball with everything you've got as you will soon find out in Roby Baggio's Magical Kicks

Street Rally Game

Race through city streets in your monster truck! Bonus points and a speed boost given for squashing pedestrians.

Mercedes Drift Game

Cast as much snow as possible dy drifting in this coo Mercedes driving game!


You have to finish each track in the shortest possible time. keep the balance !. If You fall, You have to start the track again

Disc Battle

A small girl table hockey flash game. The objective is to slide the puck into your opponents goal while defending your own goal. Matches are light-weight and only 3 minutes.

HS Ice Hockey

Score As many goals as you can!

HS Island Bowling

Bowling Game

HS Island Shot

It`s sink or swim on the island. Can you "sink" enough baskets to win this game?

HS Island Mini-Golf

Play 18 holes of miniature golf on Gilligan`s Island.

HS All Star Skate Park

Get your board, we are going skating.

HS Javelin Throw

How far can throw 6 times?

HS Joy Playground

Do some tricks in the half pipe

HS Jumpin Joe

How far can you jump?

HS Super Kickups

Click the ball to keep it in the air

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